A New Location – Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

A building owned by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church was found on the near west side of Cleveland. The pastor, the parish council and the school welcomed Esperanza Threads. Our Lady of Mount Carmel considers Esperanza Threads an extension of their community outreach. The near west side of Cleveland places the training program squarely within reach of partner agencies and churches dedicated to finding individuals who need skills to make them good candidates for jobs as sewing workers.

Esperanza Threads

The Cleveland Grassroots Cooperative became independent and was renamed Esperanza Threads and designated as their own 501[c]3 non-profit. At the outset, women were sewing in their homes, but the need to be together and have good oversight of the products led to Esperanza Threads finding a home in Bedford, Ohio on the property of the Vincentian Sister who later merged with The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. This community of sisters was a major support for this fledgling endeavor.

Our Founder

Esperanza Threads is founded by Sister Mary Eileen Boyle with the aid of a ministry grant from the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. The organization begins as a Cleveland extension of The Grassroots Cooperative located in Maryland and run by John and Iona Connor.